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Environmentally Safe Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Roof Repairs

AAA Action Fast Services, Inc. provides minor roof repairs. These pictures show you some minor shingle replacements on a roof that the owner was trying to get a few more years. Some shingles were loose and sliding down this roof due to worn-out adhesive and nails coming out. Old roof nails will sometimes back out of the roof over time due to the wind blowing across the shingles causing a vibration causing the nails to back out. I removed and replaced the loose shingles new ones.

Gutters that have not been cleaned out after the fall weather takes longer to dry and can rust like the one in the picture. If gutters overfill, they can rot out the fascia boards that hold the gutters in place, and in many cases, will need to be re-nailed until the gutters can be replaced if needed.

Shingle repairs Clackamas Milwaukie

Shingle repairs

Rusty gutters Clackamas Milwaukie

Rusted gutters