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Environmentally Safe Roof & Gutter Cleaning

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Your roof is one of your most expensive investments and should be maintained to prevent premature roof replacement.

You don’t walk on your roof all the time, and you don’t pay much attention to it because it’s way up over your head, and you don’t see it up close. In the Northwest, moss and algae grow on roofs, causing water build-up and deterioration, leading to early roof replacement.

Early maintenance and upkeep of a new roof may prevent future roof cleanings and repairs. It is essential to keep roof and gutter debris off your roof and gutters so that it does not impede the flow of water into your gutters and downspouts. The longer water stays on your roof and in your gutters, the more moss will grow and cause premature roof and gutter damage. If your metal gutters are rusty, then it is likely that debris is keeping them from drying out.

AAA Action Fast Services, Inc. provides loose debris removal from your roof and gutters. I will walk your roof to ensure that the maintenance that your roof needs is taken care of.

If you sign up for AAA Action Fast Services, Inc.’s yearly program for roof and gutter inspection and loose debris removal, you will pay a fraction of the cost of roof cleaning. I use a cleansing treatment that clears moss and can keep your roof clean for up to five years.

I don’t install new roofs but can refer you to someone I trust that does, so if there is life left on your roof and you want to know what to do, call me for a free estimate. 

Clackamas Milwaukie Roof Maintenance Program
Clackamas Milwaukie Roof Care Program