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Environmentally Safe Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Giving Back to the Community

It’s wonderful to be able to work in and around the city that I grew up in and to be able to continue to provide for my wife and I now that my kids have grown up and are on their own.

It’s also wonderful to be able to in and around the Milwaukie area give back to communities. I attend Church in Gladstone, Oregon and because of my involvement in church I have access to community service projects needed in our area.

The pictures above is a service project here in Gladstone where we came together and installed a roof providing the labor to do so for a family in need. We have provided yard clean ups, move ins and outs of homes and it is all to give back to others in service. I also listen to Dave Ramsey on the radio headset while I clean roofs that mentions ,steps on how to get out of debt and once you are out of debt that it’s good to give and be charitable to others. “Live like no one else, so that you can live like no one else”. I give to God’s Church in tithing and give back to the community as much as I can. We give back to everyone regardless of age, sex, or beliefs it just does not matter were all family and wish for everyone to have success in life.