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About Dennis Jossi & AAA Action Fast Services.

A Short History of Dennis Jossi

During the late 1970s, I was working for a moving company during the day and lumping produce onto trucks at night. Soon, I discovered I could make money power washing things like decks and sidewalks, wet sandblasting painted metal, and cleaning roofs. By the early 1980s, I was licensed with the state of Oregon as a full-time roof maintenance contractor.

In 1986 I moved to Huntington Beach, Calif., where I started a full roofing company, but that was not meant to last due to changes in my personal life. I brought my two sons — then 3 and 5 years old — back to Oregon to raise them close to my family. My work focused on repairing water damage and cleaning carpets so that I could take better care of my kids and not depend on the weather. I still cleaned roofs when I could.

Forty years ago, roofs were primarily made of wood shake, but asphalt shingle was on the rise, and those types of roofs were more challenging to clean safely and effectively. A former employee, Mark — a big, tough farm boy who was a two-time state wrestling champion — told me about the Roof Disk cleaning system, a machine with a roof-cleaning solution that works amazingly on asphalt shingle roofs. I was skeptical, but after two years, Mark finally persuaded me to watch him demonstrate the Roof Disk method on a roof in my hometown, Milwaukie. I was amazed at what I saw and immediately started cleaning asphalt shingle roofs with the roof disk cleaning method. I still primarily clean moss off asphalt shingles, also known as composition roofs, by hand; that is why I have to inspect every roof I estimate to determine If I need to clean them by hand, disk, or both.

In Business Over Forty Years and I Perform All The Work Myself

Three things I felt made me the determined worker that I am today.

First: My parents were not wealthy or educated but were very dedicated to hard work and sacrificed a lot in raising six children. My mom and dad loved to play golf! My mom had three holes in one and almost won the City of Portland Golf tournament in the 60s, placing second and third in two consecutive years while raising six kids and working a full-time job in a factory. During my freshman year at Milwaukie High school I worked at Hamburger Jacks, and was on the cross country team, sometimes training with Mark Hiefield, who barely lost to Steve Prefontaine at the state tournament my freshman year in 1968.

My mom said; When you work for someone, it is your obligation to work the best that you can no matter what the pay is. My mom was the heart of our family of honesty and integrity, and I would like to say that I followed and learned in her footsteps that she was an amazing woman full of life and love for her children and grandchildren. My parents had two of their sons pass away, Fred, my brother 1976, who was hit in his car by a drunk and stoned driver on River Road in Milwaukie, and Ed, my brother, who had Lupus passed away from complications in 2005. My mom passed away from cancer in 1997, and my dad at 98 years in 2020. After being in prison for two years in the second world war, my dad escaped from the Germans. There is a golf tournament yearly called the Fred Jossi Memorial, POW/MIA OPEN, usually at Glendoveer Golf Course to raise money for the POW. A tribute to my Dad, Fred Jossi, and the hard work for the POW over the years. If you want to enter this yearly golf tournament, just let me know. I give my parents credit for molding me into who I am today.

Second: Wrestling played a role in me being physically and mentally tough. Taking my mom’s advice, I worked as hard as I could for my high school coach Les Pierce, who worked me harder than any coach, including during my college years at the University of Oregon and Portland State University. I won the State Wrestling Championship and upset the No. 1 seed and undefeated wrestler when entering the tournament unseeded. The University of Oregon offered me a scholarship. I made it to the NCAA Division I tournament as a freshman but then transferred to Portland State, where I graduated. Wrestling helped me to be able to work long, hard days on roofs and also learned the importance of staying healthy both nutritionally and physically so that I can continue to work hard into my late 60s.

Third: I was left to raise my two boys on my own, who were 3 & 5 years old, and had four of their friends with me most of their childhood years. Sharing that role of mother and father showed me the value of love and caring that most men don’t experience that mothers have for their children, and I am grateful for my time raising them, cherishing those memories that I hold dear in my heart.

I feel that my life experiences have contributed to my wanting to give my customers the best that I can provide them for a fair market price, keeping the quality high, and that is why I still prefer the hands-on work myself.

My wife, Trish, and I were married in 2014; we love our state wilderness so that we can go out and enjoy its beauty by hiking and cycling to stay in good shape.

To keep working on roofs, I have to work out daily, lifting weights and cycling primarily now that I am closing in on my 70s. I love my business and working outdoors. I love to see my customers smiling faces at the end of my working day. Having that successful workday puts my mood way up there and when I get home to my beautiful wife is the best way to be at the end of a day.